SEO – Linking Strategies for SEO

It can be difficult to generate unique content each and every day that you sit down to write your blog. This is where RSS feeds and news stories can provide a valuable source of inspiration. Many blogs simply are commentaries on what is going on in the news, rather than an attempt to announce the news. This is because you simply are not a news provider. When you provide news to your readers in this way it is called “filtered” writing.

The best way to take this reactive position as a blog writer is to always dynamically link your commentary to the source of the news story or the article. You can also link to others commenting on the same subject in other blogs. This gets your name and the name of your product out there and raises your search engine page rankings.

The reason you want to always link your ideas is two-fold. First of all the search engines rank you according to the number of links indexed on your site. The more pages it finds linked to yours, the higher your visibility will be in the web search pages Sherry Dyson. Second of all, showing your readers that you know how to research and give credit where it is due shows that you are a professional. It simply lends you an air of credibility that your readers can respect. This allows your readers to come away from the experience of reading your blog feeling like they know more than they did before they logged in to read your site. They should not feel like they just read what you have on there in the newspaper yesterday.

Whatever the theme of your blog, your readers will expect every entry to be timely, relevant, and accurately sourced. This is why you should check your links regularly to make sure that they are not broken.

Today it’s all about organic and natural traffic…without it your fate is sealed. A great example of this is YouTube. How does a site that was only up for about a year take the web by storm and sit at the seventh most visited site on the net? Folks it’s all about the experience and content. The great news is that you, yes you can provide the same experience. Today tools are everywhere that allow you to make your own videos and audios that your customers can watch and listen to from your website or blog. It is a fact that the effectiveness of audio and visual tools placed on a website or blog will have as much as a 1200% better click through ratio. Along with that goes a significantly higher conversion rate which turns lookers into buyers. Miss this opportunity and you are working way too hard to attract visitors and then once they get there you loose them because they can’t relate due to a lack of a significant and defining on line experience. These tactics work for every business no matter what service or product you are trying to sell. Keep in mind that when a visitor finally arrives at your website you are only trying to have him or her make a decision…that decision is either yes or no. Yes I want more or no I don’t want more. It is really that simple. However the experience you provide the visitor will greatly determine the outcome. If you have a static non interactive site you will get a onetime visitor’s. Have a compelling information packed site that provides a great experience and you will make a customer for life. It doesn’t matter whether you are running a brick and mortar store or and online website or blog it is about customer retention and the lifetime value of your customer. Provide a lousy experience and the results will be obvious. Provide a great experience and watch your business and its revenue grow exponentially. The great part of this whole model is that less than .4% of all online businesses provide the experience that the customer is looking for. That is your opportunity.

The “WordPress” developer team has successfully launched their latest version of WordPress, called “WordPress Ella”. Numerically, the version number is called version 2.1

To the uninitiated, news like this seems like a normal announcement from software developers and are often passed on by. However, from the eyes of a trained mind and savvy businessman, the news of “WordPress Ella” contain many benefits that online business owners can immediately tap into and profit from.

“WordPress Ella” comes with the following enhancements which are a great resource for online business owners.

1. First on the list of enhancements from WordPress Ella is an ‘autosave’ function that ensures you will never lose a post again. This is an invaluable tool especially at times when you have spent a lot of time in front of your computer screen, brainstorming on what to write to promote your business.

Imagine the horror or frustration especially in instances where the battery of your notebook died and you forgot to save. Or perhaps there was a blackout or you accidentally closed the browser window without saving your work.

“WordPress Ella” autosave function is a real time saver and is an abosolute must for any online businesses.

2. Next in line on “WordPress Ella” is the “Import” and “Export” functions. Let’s talk about the import function first.

The latest release of “WordPress Ella” has an import function that allows you to import your blog created from other popular blogging platforms such as ‘Movable ype’, ‘Typepad’, ‘Livejournal’, ‘Blogger’ and so on, into WordPress itself.

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