Why Mario Games Are So Popular

When you look at the popularity meter of computer games, Mario still makes it well after all these years. The first Mario game was released more than 20 years ago and yet it managed F95ZONE to keep its high level of fame. Indeed, they are one of the most-well loved games of all time. This cute little plumber has certainly captured the hearts of many. Mario games continue dominating the charts because they are not just created well, they have also successfully set the standards in computer gaming.

Since Mario’s debut, the total number of his appearances in games has reached 200. This is how popular he really is. The game where Mario was first seen though was in Nintendo’s Donkey Kong. It was released in 1981 and he wasn’t the lead character in it. Mario games have been the best-selling ones of all times since that fateful day when Nintendo decided to give him his very own game that soon became a series because it immediately became popular among the community at that time.

At first, they were platform games. Then they evolved into other things. Right now, there are Mario games that touch racing, sports, fighting, puzzles, and role-playing. There are almost all types of games that span all genres with Mario at the helm. For this reason alone, he was able to provoke the interest of enthusiasts of varied taste.

As a short overview, Mario is a video game character created by Shigeru Miyamoto, a Japanese designer. He had given Mario both an Italian and an American heritage. By profession, he is a plumber. Mario is short and pudgy and is living in a place called Mushroom Kingdom. As a plumber, he stops many of Bowser’s turtle villains as he goes about his work. However, Bowser is the antagonist and the story proceeds with him kidnapping Princess Peach. Bowser has all intentions to take over the kingdom.

The main series, which is simply named as Super Mario Bros, is the most popular installment. Other Mario games such as Mario Kart, Paper Mario, and Mario’s Time Machine became household names at some point. However, even with all of them combined, they won’t be able to beat the influence that Super Mario Bros has made among the fans.

Slowly, Mario games ceased to be just games. He started to penetrate the TV, film, and comics. Mario as a character had also appeared in many merchandise like shirts, toys, pens, books, and many others. This is when Mario’s popularity can’t be contained anymore. From the gaming console, he jumped and bumped into many other arenas to further increase his fame.

These are actually the reasons why they are popular then and now. They still make waves even if there weren’t any new releases coming out in the future. They weren’t just able to set the standard in the industry – it has created several milestones along the way too. These amazing games are between the most-played ones all over the world. The exciting pacing and easy playing make Mario games perfect for every gaming enthusiast.

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