Warning – Cannot Modify Header Information – Headers Already Sent – WordPress Fix

I attended a WordPress Webinar on installing plug-ins to SEO my WordPress Blog. There were hundreds if not thousands of plug-ins to improve one’s blog. After the webinar, I chose to install the Google XML Sitemap plug-in. The presenters indicated that this plug-in was good for my blog. After the download (install) GoDaddy email login, I could not get back into my “Dashboard”. My blog was down! It took many hours to put this blog up via GoDaddy the host of my website. I thought that if I paid for my site via GoDaddy I would not have these problems. I called GoDaddy about this error message and they said it would cost $150.00 to fix my blog! Knowledge does cost when dealing with the unknown. Keep in mind that this fix is for a hosted site. This blog was to be the one that I could grow from. My plan was to put up many quality blogs to help people solve their problems. Maybe I should start by solving a problem that I created.

How am I going to fix this? Whom do I call? I started to search the “Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent”…error message on Google, who else. I read and read until my eyes began to hurt. Slowly, I started to learn a little bit about FTP (Files Transfer Protocol).

I experimented with ftp. I found my way to the root directory and studied all the files looking for wp-content/plugins/wp-greetbox/wp-greetbox.php:1812, because the problem was in the last plug-in that I downloaded. Getting to the root directory requires you to put this into your browser: “ftpmysite.com”-them the browser gives you the root Directory. Then you go to “view” (drop down menu) on your browser and click “Open FTP Site in Windows Explorer”. Then login (your ID&PW) and you will find the files to your WordPress blog. Since the error message had to do with the wp-content Directory, click it and go to the plugins Directory. Find the last plug-in that caused the error message. At this point you can open a folder and copy this file to your my documents. Now be careful and delete the copied file from your ftp file. You made a copy in case you choose the wrong file.

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