An Ultimate Guide on How to Write an Oppinion Essay

An opinion essay can be described as a formal piece which presents the author’s views on a specific topic. This is supported with reasoning and examples. Although the opposing viewpoint may be suggested, it is followed with arguments that support its validity. For help in writing an excellent opinion essay, check out the guide prepared by Customwriting experts!
Basics of Writing an Oppinion Essay

It is possible you may be asking, “How do I write an essay on opinion?” How does it differ from an argumentative or persuasive essay?

It is simple. When writing persuasive or argumentative essays, you must provide counterpoints. You must also describe the essay topic in different ways. A paper on opinion does not have to discuss the benefits and disadvantages of each option. Instead, think only about your opinion on the issue.
You may be tempted to say “I’m afraid to stand up” or “I don’t even know what to say.”
Relax. Relax if you have well-researched arguments. When it comes to choosing an opinion essay topic, many students struggle to find the right one. It isn’t difficult. Just think about what you find interesting and something you feel passionate about.

Still unsure what topic to choose? Look through our 100 ideas for argumentative and persuasive essays. Choose the topic you are most passionate about. Next, choose a few reasons that support your viewpoint and gather the facts that will be used as evidence.
Opinion Essay Outline

Next, create an outline of your opinion essay. First, it will help to overcome fear of blank pages. It will also help you organize your thoughts and create a list. This will speed up the process of writing an assignment.
Here’s an example for an outline of an opinion paper.


An introduction. Include a thesis statement, and reasons supporting your opinion. Use a hook to get your readers interested in the topic.
The main body. It can be broken down into paragraphs that provide arguments, supporting examples, statements and facts.
A conclusion. The conclusion.

When you are researching the topic, develop a framework and place evidence where it makes sense. You don’t need to complete the entire assignment at once. Put stand-alone facts and examples where appropriate.

A well-prepared outline for an essay on opinion is 70% of the work. It’s easy to join your arguments together by simply bridging the languages.
Opinion Essay Format: Introduction & Conclusion

Once you’ve completed the outline you’ll have all of the facts organized. But how do I start an opinion article? It is time to learn how you can create an introduction.

The introduction paragraph describes the direction your paper will go. It is designed to help your readers dive into the text. It is important to hook your readers and grab their attention so they will be compelled to read the entire essay. Once you have successfully captivated your audience, present the topic and briefly explain supporting reasons.
Your conclusion for an opinion essay is what wraps up your paper. It is a summation that covers all your ideas and allows readers to comprehend your arguments.

To start and finish your opinion piece, use the following methods:

Directly address the reader
Get started with a quotation
Use thought-provoking and rhetorical questions
Refer to an extraordinary or unique fact, idea, situation, or other thing

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