Things I Learned While Preparing for Exams

How everyone dreads this time of the year, and how the pressure drives students to do unrealistic things to get better grades Certified Ethical Hacker exam. Most of us have gone through this ordeal, not once but multiple times in a single year!Apart from the things you learn by studying the material in the books, how else do exams aid you? What skills does this harness in you that you didn’t really pay much attention to?

I’m not speaking for the people at Harvard, or any Ivy league university, but if you’re like me; who procrastinates studying just until the last moment, then you learn to prioritize the study material and study what is necessary. We even look back at the previous years’ questions asked, notice the pattern / trend, and predict what questions might be asked this time. We’re right most of the time!

My schedule during exams started at 6 am, ran through the day till 10 pm. In between, I scheduled lots and lots of breaks and naps to ease my mind; so I could refresh myself and then concentrate better on the study material. This skill had been imparted in me only because of the fact that I had to study for exams.

Depending on our course-work, my entire schedule was planned a couple of days earlier because I feared the lack of enough time. Funnily enough, I had ample time for each course in the time period between each exam, which was the result of the schedule I’d planned.

I’m sure most of you have had that “holy shit!” idea while studying for an exam which is only two days away. You can’t get your mind off it, but you can’t afford to lose study time thinking about the idea.

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