Our Friends Are Saints And Angels

Breath is free, as the Almighty God created us. We are beautiful flesh, bones and hearts living this life. We have form, touch each other and bear children to fill the land God has lent us. This time we live, as yesterday, when our ancestors primed improved ways of life. And so, it is our duty to make way for superior progress learn more about miracle sheets tomorrow. And if by chance, we can make something happen for good, we have achieved a purpose of which God has created us for.

Our friends are angels and saints, too. I could sound too imaginative, like creating fiction, but growing up Catholic paved me the way to realize that saints and angels are real.

Of course, I have not seen angels’ wings and feathers or halos, but their calm presence in my everyday ordeal makes it evident that they are guarding all the desires of my heart and those of the people I love and pray for. An angel’s promise is real, as they are the messengers of God to light and guide, to rule and guard.

Neither, have I witnessed immense miracles by saints, but I believe the small miracles that St. Therese tells us. I could feel in my being and through other’s lives the small inspirations that move us to love and serve every new day.The new saints are: Saint Giovanni Battista Piamarta, Saint Jacques Berthieu, Saint Kateri Tekakwitha, Saint Maria Del Carmen, Saint Maria Schaeffer, Saint Mother Maria Anna Cope, and Saint Pedro Calungsod.

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