Easy Japanese Starter Recipes and How to Make Them

Japanese starter recipes are one of the most popular choices these days, as more and more people discover the delights of international starter recipes and appetizer recipes.Starters are knows as “zensei” in Japanese and there is lots of choice 漬物香港. There are hot starters and cold ones and there are also plenty of Japanese soups and salads you can consider.

Japanese Food Guide: Must-Eat Dishes That Aren't Sushi | Vogue

Japanese dumplings, which are known as gyoza, are very nice and these can be stuffed with a mixture of minced meat and vegetables. Although gyoza are originally from China, the Japanese prefer to fry them rather than steam them so they are quite different in flavour and texture.

Another well known Japanese dish is tempura and this can be any kind of vegetable or seafood coated in batter then deep fried. The Portuguese introduced tempura to Japan in the 1700s and it is one of the best loved Japanese foods today.

Just because you are serving an international starter recipe does not mean you cannot serve anything you want as the main course. You can stay with the Asian theme and serve a Japanese dish or Chinese or Thai recipe or you can serve something that totally contrasts. It is up to you.

Gone are the days when traditional starters were the order of the day and anything else was deemed too adventurous. These days people love to try new flavours and you will find that you can buy all kinds of exotic ingredients to make Japanese starters and other recipes from most supermarkets.

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