Women With Diabetes Have Increased Risks of Falling Accidents

Women who have diabetes have higher risks of falling. Studies show that falls are the leading cause of non-fatal injuries among the elderly. Diabetes increases the risk for fractures from serious fall-related injuries.

According to the Diabetes Journal, older women who have diabetes are more prone to falling than women, of the same age group, without diabetes. Older women with diabetes appear to fall more than once a year women vibrator. And women who use insulin were found to risk falling at more than double the rates of diabetic women.

Diabetes can increase falls through poor balance issues due to numbness in the toes and feet. Reduced balance and walking speed in affected by decreased vibration sensitivity and loss of pressure sensitivity, which impairs balance when walking on uneven surfaces.

Poor balance and diabetes are factors that cause and increase risks for falling accidents. Diabetic people can easily fall when sensations are lost in the feet by walking on lawn or grassy areas, parking lots, and floors with different coverings. Any or all of these areas can trigger imbalance problems and cause injurious falling accidents.

Most falling accidents happen in the home. Often, a person can heal from the injuries suffered from a falling accident if they get medical help quickly. However, too often a fall can be the end of an independent lifestyle, or even death. Fractures, from falling accidents, are the leading cause of death among older and diabetic women.

Diabetics must learn and adjust to the difficulties of living with their disease. rewards and difficulties of getting older. Will you be able to recognize signs of aging and impairments of diabetes? Many times older women must face living alone when a husband or companion dies.

Older women, living alone with diabetes face increased hazards; specifically, if you fell, could you get medical help quickly? Do you have the essential security in place to help keep you safe?

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