Complete List of the Must-Have Items for Your Dance Makeup Kit

Stage performance – Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop, Modern, and Contemporary dancers typically dance on a stage. Whether you are recital dancer, competitive dancer, or a professional dancer, you will need to wear a darker, more intense dancer’s makeup look than average everyday street makeup. This is because of the intensity of the stage lights, the intensity of costuming, and distance between the performer and the audience.

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Outdoor performance – Depending on your style of dance, if you are performing outdoors 暗瘡筆比較, your dancer’s makeup look can be much more muted. For example, even though a dancer’s makeup look for stage often includes red lipstick, you may consider a more natural rose toned color instead.

Ballroom dance floor – When you are a ballroom dancer, you are usually performing on a dance floor that is at the same level as the audience and the lighting, though dramatic, is not quite as intense as stage lighting. However, a ballroom dancer’s makeup is often quite dramatic to accentuate the dramatic costuming and style of this genre.

Belly Dance performance – Belly Dancers have a variety of performance venues – stage, restaurants, and outdoor festivals. However, a belly dancers makeup is geared much more to the style of dance and costuming rather than the type of venue they are performing in. Their performance look can range from more natural and classical beautiful for Cabaret Belly Dancers makeup to the dramatically artistic styles of Tribal Belly Dancers makeup.

Ideally, choose hypo-allergenic/non-comedogenic (non-clogging to the pores), talc and paraben-free products that are as naturally derived as possible while being effective. A Dancer’s makeup look must be worn for long periods of time and this can be very hard on the skin, especially if it is sensitive or prone to breakouts. You do not want products that are going to make your skin look and feel horrible at the end of a performance weekend. There is nothing that can make you more self-conscious than irritated, reddened skin on an acne covered face.

Many women spend years looking for the perfect makeup that they love and want to stick with. Going through different lines and different types of makeup to find what is best for you can be exhausting and very expensive. The amount of makeup I have personally thrown in the trash over the years is disappointing to say the least. A certain brand of makeup can work beautifully for a friend but when you give it a try it’s a horrible mess. I want to introduce you to the makeup I finally found that worked for me and hopefully it will work for you as well.

Let’s face it, every women wants to look her best with the least amount of effort and time. The ritual of applying makeup and styling your hair every morning before heading off to work can be very tiring. So when I first tried bareMinerals makeup and discovered how quickly I could get my makeup on I was thrilled to say the least. One step in my morning ritual was literally cut in half time wise.

I love the coverage bareMinerals makeup provides. If you are in a big hurry and just want to get a little something on your face for color and a small bit of coverage, it’s possible to do that in just a few minutes. The beauty of the bareMinerals makeup line is the layering technique. You can have a little or you can add layers of foundation and other products to give your face different looks. It’s all up to you how you apply this special makeup line.

In short, it’s actually good for your skin. The bareMinerals makeup line consists of 100% pure minerals. There are no preservatives, fillers or binders of any kind. The proprietary formula that Bare Escentuals uses in their products are made from the highest quality minerals found in the earth. Bare Minerals takes care of your skin by using high quality ingredients that contain no chemicals and the products actually work with your skin giving you a makeup that is all natural.

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