Article Marketing Guide for Beginners: Simple Steps Towards Successful Article Marketing

I’ve been using article marketing as my sole source of leads for about a year now, and although I’ve written some content about it, I’ve never prepared a step by step article marketing guide, which is the purpose of this article. Article marketing is something you can get your feet wet with on a part time basis, and the great thing about it is that you can use it in conjunction with your blog posting, which will boost SEO on your blog, making it more likely to be seen on Google. But at the risk of being accused of “sounding Greek”, I’ve decided to take you step by step through this procedure, which is really quite simple once you get the hang of it.

Article Marketing Guide 101: What do you write about?

Article directories are different categories where your article will be posted, among which are advertising, internet, beauty, business, health, entertainment (just to name a few), and sub categories within each category. Begin writing about things you know about. It should be noted that articles in themselves can’t be looked upon as “ads” and therefore, if you want to use article marketing as a way of promotion, you need to be careful not to sound too promotional. Now, this really isn’t a bad thing, because people do tend to have a “BS filter” when they’re reading an article. And, although people love to buy, they hate to be sold. So the best way to win them over is by being genuine with real information or entertainment. Here are some format ideas:

1. Tell a story. People love stories and love to be entertained, regardless of whether or not they’re seeking information. Say, for example, you have a product that has been known to assist people in quitting smoking. Tell a story about yourself of someone you know who has used this product, but don’t mention to the product – only the steps they took and how they felt during this episode, and especially their problems, trials and tribulations. People LOVE to read all about the problems you’ve had! You can provide a link to the product website at the end, but only in the resource box are you allowed to put anything promotional.

2. Information about something you know. Here, of course, you need to know what about something, best something that you’ve had personal experience with, as with this article is for me. You can head up “Five Steps to ____” or “Things to Avoid when ____”. People like lists, so with information articles, try to section your article out with a flowing format, with each paragraph not too long.

3. Entertainment. Tell about something funny that happened to you or someone you know. If you’re using the article for promotion, flow the article into a resource box sentence like “I wish then I had known about this magic juice that would have changed everything”.

Article Marketing Guide 102: How do you promote your product in an article without sounding “promotional”?

I used to be accused of sounding overly promotional and some directories wouldn’t accept my articles. When I look back on my beginning articles, I have to admit that I wouldn’t buy from me with the approach I was taking! You are allowed to put two promotional links in your resource box (signature box). Although some directories expect you to tell about yourself here, it’s not advisable if you want to sell something. The reason for this is because, well, would you continue reading an article after it ended just to find out about the author? Who the heck cares? Instead, make it flow continuously, as if you haven’t ended the article yet. Something like, “additionally, I love to use this technique with “LINK” that provides all the SEO I need, and “LINK” even pays 100% commissions!” Try to use your keyword phrase where you put the “links”.

Which brings us to…

Article Marketing Guide 103: How do you use keywords?

This is where I begin before I start to write. Go to the free Google site:, and type in the phrase you intend to write about. The system will tell you how many people are searching on Google for this phrase per month, and whether it has low, medium or high competition. As a beginner, pick a “long tail” keyword phrase (several words), with low competition that gets between 100 and 1000 searches. As an example, this particular articles’ keyword phrase is “article marketing guide” and it gets 720 searches per month with low competition. Notice that I’ve used it in every sub-heading in this article, as well as the first sentence and the last sentence. I will also find a way to use it in the links below. (You’ll of course want to click on my links LOL!) It’s a good idea to send one of your links to a YouTube video, because YouTube is so popular on Google that it’s likely to pull you up in Google ranking. Make sure that keyword phrase you build your article around is inserted in the “tag” section on your blog and your article directory. You will also want to insert a variation of the same phrase, like “guide for article marketing”, or “guide to article marketing”.

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