Fix The Google Flaw For Improved Pagerank

Recently, Google somewhat quietly announced a flaw in there website analytics. The issue is that when users are visiting your site, if they are on your home page for 1 minute and then click on a link in your content that takes them to another page on your site, Google sees that were only on your site for 1 minute. Google then starts to time how long they are on the next page. If it takes a user 1 minute to Buy Google Reviews read the next page before clicking on another link, again Google sees that time. The point here is that these short viewing times increase the bounce rate of your site and thus KILL your Pagerank. But not to worry, there is a fix. But first, lets discuss what you need to have in place for the fix to work.

If you aren’t using Google Analytics, you are missing out on a ton of information about your website visitors and target audience. Google Analytics provides tracking data for traffic visiting your website. More specifically, it tracks what pages are being viewed, what content is being viewed, what the visitors location is, and much more info than I can list here. This information allows you to have pinpoint targeting of your audience. It can provide gender, age, and other historical data about your audience that you would otherwise never know. Knowing what type of audience to target your marketing to GREATLY increases your ROI (Return On Investment).

For the record, Google LOVES WordPress. So if you have a site and a blog, convert your site to WordPress. You won’t regret it. But enough of that. Outside of Google Love, WordPress gives you a simple to administer website that allows easy posting, commenting, sitemap creation, SEO, and so many Amazing tools that can be downloaded as plugins. Tools such as Social Bookmarking and Syndication, Article Blasting and Syndication, Auto Retweet of blog post, and many more. Along with all the afore mentioned tools is the ability to edit the site code as well. So depending on your level of Web Administration, WordPress can do wonders.

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