Make Money With Google

You have probably seen countless programs available online purporting to give you the secret formula to make money with Google. Google is a giant corporate entity that has a controlling interest in the world wide web. To understand Google is to take a step in the right direction to start to make money with Google.

Google rewards people for adding relevant content to the internet buy verified adwords account. Relevant content in a short simple explanation means if a person does a search for “argyle socks”, they don’t want to look at a web page about “dog training”. If you are building a website on a certain topic, you want it to be laser targeted and specific. If you have a lot of great content on your site that is relevant to your topic, your domain name is also related to the topic, and then Google will reward you by giving you a higher page rank.

Many people have tried to make money with Google by trying to fool the search engines. How does this work? What they do is throw a website up that is loaded with keywords (also called “keyword stuffing”). This may sound good in theory, but when someone lands on your page and tries to read what it is about, it really makes little sense.

This is what many people don’t think about when they are building web pages. Google is getting much smarter about web pages and how they rank them. There is a super secret formula that no one can even begin to figure out. What many people do is build a web page, and then they apply to make money with Google by allowing Google to place super targeted advertising on their web page. This is called “AdSense”. Depending on what your site topic is, you can get paid anywhere from a penny to several dollars per click when people click on those Google ads.

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