Building Towards Success – Your ClickBank Online Affiliate Marketing 30, 100 Strategy

For any serious marketer advertising on Google is essential in today’s web world. Why? Because of more than 300 search engines, Google alone gets over 70% of all the searches made on earth.

Today, the internet is so integrated into our lives that we forget how new it is and how it has generated innovative ways to advertise and market products and services. Even better, an entirely new world of online business opportunities has sprung up for industrious E-entrepreneurs: a new generation of online website business opportunities combined with a new generation of internet advertising led by Google AdWords.

It is called online affiliate marketing and, coupled with attention paid to your Google advertising campaign, a terrific way to online economic success.

We are all familiar with the traditional business model and its marketing. Television advertisements for sugared cereals in Weed Delivery the morning and erectile dysfunction assistance at night. Ford, Geico, Coors commercials are everywhere. Magic medications for heartburn, sore backs, arthritis. From the New York Times to Podunk, USA, ads for movies, grocery stores, and a million other things.

So expensive. Advertising dominated by Big Business because they are the only ones with deep enough pockets to do so.

So Twentieth Century.

Like the horseless carriage, there was a time and place for this kind of advertising but we have moved on to the Age Weed Strains of Google AdWords profits.

Today, the innovations of the Net have opened the marketing model to you and me. Everybody can advertise their business or service in highly targeted Google Ad Word campaigns that reach a particular audience for a fraction of traditional advertising cost.

Fact is, internet marketers can make Glock for Sale serious money without leaving home with online affiliate marketing.

What is internet affiliate marketing? Marketing somebody else’s product and receiving a good commission every time a person buys it through your web site or web page. Or, developing your own digital product (like an e-book) and having thousands of online entrepreneurs market it for you in return for a commission. Win-win for everybody!

A decade ago, affiliate marketing didn’t even exist but today there are probably more than 20,000 affiliate products online.

ClickBank, alone, offers online marketers more than 17,000 products which can be sold. Every three seconds, one of its affiliate marketers sells a ClickBank product and receives a commission—more than 27,000 times a day! In just a decade, ClickBank has paid affiliate marketers nearly 1.7 billion dollars in commissions in over 200 countries.

Combine the best of the vast array of ps5 for sale ClickBank products with a highly targeted, well constructed Google marketing campaign, and there is serious money to be made.

But… while many affiliate marketers make a monstrous amount of money, most affiliate campaigns either lose money or never live up to their potential profitability. Why? Whether in the U.S., on the Continent, or anywhere else the overwhelming majority of want to be affiliate marketers make the same mistakes, over and over again. And, among those mistakes, one of the most common is not understanding how to weed out doomed affiliate campaigns. Instead, unfortunately, they look only at a product’s commission and fail to consider the cost of advertising with Google.

Their approach is simple: select a ClickBank product with a high commission and hope for the best.

While hope is always a good thing, it neither pays the bills nor, more critically, Google advertising costs. In all honesty, thousands and thousands of ClickBank products look great on paper but either convert too poorly or cost too much to promote that it’s a waste of time and energy trying to make a buck.

There’s a better approach called the At Least 30/100 strategy for ClickBank. In place of unfettered hope, the online affiliate looks to numbers. He or she understands that in today’s competitive internet world, it’s all about numbers—not emotional decision-making. In essence, the “30/100” strategy begins with a filtering process: identify and discard ClickBank products having less than a $30 commission and “gravity” of 100. Few marketers know of it—to their detriment and to your advantage.

There’s an enormous market awaiting your online website business and, at least, 20 great reasons to build a Pay Per Click Program around affiliate marketing.

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