Do you have one? 7 mistakes often made by slot players

Slot machines are the cash cow of the casino and the most popular game for all ages! But do you know what are the most common mistakes players make? With a little attention, you can increase your chances of winning the jackpot!

do you know? There are more slot players than all other casino game players combined! For casinos, slot machines account for a large part of the profit, so casinos also particularly welcome slot players Most players just unintentionally activate the scrolls at will and expect to win the jackpot, that is, everything is controlled by luck.

In fact, this is just one of the many mistakes I have observed among slot players. The following are the 7 most common mistakes made by slot players in terms of frequency. If you are making any of these mistakes, it’s best to stop here and let’s take a look!

Activate and rotate 600 times per hour

Almost all cash slot players are moving fast when they spin the reels. After this spin is completed, they rush to press the activation button again, like who can spend the money fastest in the game.

First of all, you must understand that you cannot win in the long run, and players cannot find a game strategy that provides long-term win rates. The only way to win more and lose less is to be “lucky” the first time you play a slot machine and stop when you are ahead.

Due to the rapid progress of the game, it is easy for players to play round after round, but the more the number of activations per hour, the greater the risk and the more likely to lose money. This is why players are not recommended to play so impatiently.

If you bet $2 and activate 600 times an hour, you risk losing $1,200. For a game console with a return rate (RTP) of 95% (which is higher than the average), you can expect to lose $60 per hour, and you will soon spend your principal.

But if it is activated 300 times per hour, it is expected to lose only $30 per hour. Simply put, as long as the pace of the game is slowed down, the bet can be retained for twice or more time.

Ignore the existence of bonuses

Now you understand that in the long run you are no match for slot machines. The slot machine is the super cash cow of the casino. You cannot change this fact. This means that the best strategy you can use is to find the way to keep the bet for the longest time.

Most online casinos offer slot players deposit savings, usually at least 100% or even more of the amount you deposit. If you plan to play a slot machine, you must get all the bonus offers you can get. It is also very important to compare the discounts offered by various casinos!

A big advantage provided by other slot machine offers is that you have more chances to win the jackpot or get the jackpot. When your bonus discount is twice the deposited bet, you have at least twice the chance of winning the first prize.

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